##27128 - City of BREMERHAVEN - Charming Art Nouveau BTL MFH with 6 flats located in district

Property ID: ##27128
District of: Lehe-Klushof
constructed: 1890-1900 ca.
renewing in: 1989 ca.
flats/units: 6 flats
size approx: 281,37 sqm (3,028.64 sqft)
gross yield: 7.50% p. a. initially

● The property is family-owned since 1975 approx. According to architect planning and a list of construction costs the house was fully renewed in 1988 / 1989 approx for an amount of DM 460,000 (ca. EUR 235,000). In 1998 /1999 the central oil heating system was renewed. Apparently, further repair & renovation works has been carried out since then, but these are not (any longer) documented.
● The house has been considered for a long time as one of the best renovated and refurbished houses in the city

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