##27131 - Bremerhaven - Almost new build - fully renewed BTL MFH w 8 flats - yield 6.57%

Property ID: ##27131
District of: Klushof
constructed: 1904/1905 ca.
renewing in: 2019/2020 ca.
flats/units: 8
size approx: 442,22 sqm (4,760 sqft)
gross yield: 6.57% p. a. initially

November, 11st 2020: Unfortunately the property is actually not yet available.
● In 2019 / 2020 fully reconstructed buy-to-let multi family home situated in a very good micro location of the district of Bremerhaven-Klushof.
● The property is similar to an almost new build house. The works will be finished in November or December 2020 approx.
● Handover to the buyer is fully rented.
● Please request your large bilingual Property Exposé by email to us (please do not forget your full adress details required by German law).